Bot Commands

The bot does have some built-in traditional commands, however they do not serve as an alternative to access the bot's core features and functionality. Additionally, unlike other interactions with the bot, a mention is not required. You may optionally mention the bot, or choose not to use a mention.

The command structure for the bot is:

!swtorbot [command]

The available commands are as follows:

!swtorbot website

!swtorbot info

!swtorbot about

!swtorbot sources

!swtorbot support

!swtorbot ping

!swtorbot permissions

The first 3 commands provide basic information about the bot itself, including the website which acts as a portal. The sources command offers information about who provides the information the bot uses.

The support command will give you a link to join the official support Discord.

The ping command will allow you see if the bot is experiencing any technical issues.

Permission Check

The "!swtorbot permissions" command allows you to check if the bot is able to use advanced embed features in the given channel. If the bot does not have permissions, some legacy text-only display methods will be possible. Do note: not all features support legacy text-only responses and with those an error message will be displayed in place of the intended response. You should read the "permissions" page for more information.

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