Discord: Status Indicators

Discord: Status Indicators

The bot is constantly checking in on it's own status and health and reports this information via Discord's status system.

Online (Green)

This indicates the system is working correctly and is able to communicate with core systems. Do note this includes health of core systems, secondary systems which could affect certain features may not be responding correctly. These do not directly communicate with Discord so checking their status is not a regular task of the bot.

Do not disturb (Red)

This indicates the system is currently in a manual maintenance mode. You will not be able to use bot features. Notification service will continue to operate unless it has been placed into maintenance itself. You can check with the Support Discord for estimated downtime and reason for the current maintenance.

Away (Yellow)

This indicates the system has detected a problem during it's health check. This is likely caused by a core system being unresponsive. The bot is designed to auto-recover from outages, in most cases service will resume within a minute. If the problem persists, human intervention maybe required.

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