Guide FAQ

Why are the example responses different than what I am getting?

This bot is very much in active development, and we're teaching it different models for formulating responses. This nearly on a weekly basis. The examples here are a general idea of the information the bot will reply back to you. However the exact words and formatting may change in different versions of the bot. We will try to update accordingly when it's suitable to do so.

What is the absolute best way to get support for SWTORBot?

Our support Discord! You can join here: There our handy dandy straight from West World host, Bernard, is ready to provide automated support.. and for anything else of course I myself and a handful of others are able to lend a hand.

Where are most changes posted the bot?

You can find the changelog here:

How can I support this project?

Honestly, I'd prefer you just say thanks. That's enough for me, but if you wish to donate that option is available here on PayPal.

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