How can I get alerts?

SWTORBot Alert Subscriptions


Alerts are probably the most crucial and vital feature of the bot. It enables you to be notified of different events within SWTOR. Our event system has been battle tested extensively and we work closely with our partners to ensure the bot's information is sourced responsibly and accurately.

Dark v. Light Alignment Alerts

In the case of DvL, you can only have one alert set. This limitation will be resolved eventually. You will receive continued alerts whenever the alignment reaches the status you specify. This can get sort of spamy depending on your server.

Example #1

You: Alert me when The Ebon Hawk is dark 4.

T2-C5: Alright, I will let you know as soon as I do!

Example #2 with conversation context method

You: What is the current alignment of The Ebon Hawk?

T2-C5: The Ebon Hawk is at dark 2.

You: Alert me when it reaches dark 4.

T2-C5: Alright, I will let you know as soon as I do!

How to cancel an alignment alert?

You: Cancel my alignment alert.

Demonstration Alert:

T2-C5: The Ebon Hawk is now at dark 4.

Daily Operation Notice

This notification will alert you when the daily group finder operation is a specified operation.

You: Tell me when the operation Eternity Vault occurs next.

CXP Bonus Activities

As these are entirely random, the data isn't always available right away. As a result the notifications can be delayed or entirely missed if the data isn't available on our provider right away.


You: Tell me when the cxp bonus activity is Warzones.

Cancellation Example:

You: Cancel my CXP bonus alert for Operations.

Event Alerts


You can get a notification when in-game events begin, such as Bounty Contract Week!

You: Tell me when the Bounty Contract Week event starts.

T2-C5: You got it, I'll go ahead and let you know when Bounty Contract Week occurs.


You: Cancel my event alert for Bounty Contract Week!

Content Creators

As apart of a new motion, I am aiming to make the bot more connected with the many talented individuals who produce content for the community. This includes guides, podcasts, fan fiction, and other entertainment content.

You: Tell me when OotiniCast has a new episode.


You: Tell me when swtorista makes a new post.


Stop telling me when Ootinicast has a new episode

Stop telling me when swtorista has new content

We support the following creators as of right now:

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast
Passionately Casual
The Bad Feeling Podcast
Dev Tracker

We are always seeking new ways to promote community content and bring the greater community together. If you're a content creator, or a fan of a creator, contact us on our support Discord or privately to get added.

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