Permissions and Privacy

Permissions (Discord)

The bot only requires "Read Messages" and "Send Messages" permissions for absolute functionality within a channel. However a lot of newer, advanced features additionally require the "Embed Links" for new fancy response system. These make use of Discord embeds for cleaner and more visually appealing responses. There are a handful of features which require the "Embed Links" permission, should this be absent an error message will appear in place. In cases where "Embed Links" is optional, the response will automatically downgrade itself to the legacy text-only method which does not use Discord embeds.


This bot is powered by machine learning, which means every single message you send to the bot implies consent to the conditions which come with that. All messages are processed, logged, stored and otherwise viewable by a third party. They are encrypted when stored on our end and are always treated with the utmost caution. However, with this in mind, it's unwise to share any personal details with the bot. After all, this bot is a for a game and really has no method of handling personal details, emotions, or context. It only understands the game, and at that it barely manages to succeed.


This bot has no understanding of human emotion, threats to life or self will not be interpretable by the bot. If you witness someone threatening bodily harm, including self harm, please contact the applicable platform's support (Discord, Twitter, Telegram, etc) immediately or the authorities. The following resource is available to provide people with a list of hotlines to call for those who are in need of help.

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